Based in the Lake-Geneva region, we are pleased to provide real estate expertise which covers a large and diverse number of property markets. Whether you are a buyer, wish to sell your property, or are simply seeking real estate advice, our wide business networks are available and ready to meet all of your needs.

To respond to this challenge, we have created a network of highly competent specialists to manage all your property requirements and carry out your property requests.

We aspire to gaining your confidence in the near future.

"The friends of our clients often become our own clients ».
Competence, Professionalism, Ethics...

...and knowledge of property markets are the key qualities of a first class real estate agent.
Do you want to have your property valued, assessed or enhanced ?

You own a house (or are about to purchase one), a piece of land or an apartment building, our specialized service on an enhanced value for properties can offer, without commitment on your part, professional and competent advice.

We enhance the value of your property by advising you on the best marketing strategy to help achieve your objectives in terms of value or timing.

Our studies and property enhancing projects are carried out with the collaboration of well known architects.

The quality of our advice can make all the difference in gaining your satisfaction.

For further information, please contact : info@praemium.ch
We assure discreet advice...

.... whatever your needs are in the property market.

We offer transparency in advising you when either buying a property or during the crucial steps of a project.

For instance, we can carry out a complete analysis of your property, from evaluating the rental potential to obtaining the best financing, from managing tenants, be they private or commercial to relationships between co-owners.

For further information, please contact Financial Services : sg@praemium.ch
Buying or Selling ?

You are an owner wishing to sell or rent your property; we can provide you with a network of potential clients and handle the marketing process with the required discretion. For clients wishing to buy or rent properties, we search for the best market opportunities.

We look forward to meeting with your in order to present our personalized service.

For further information, please contact us. Broker Services : info@praemium.ch
Experience et ‘Know-how’

Should you want to transform or renovate your property, be it an apartment, house or building, it is essential to entrust experienced professionals with this task.

Our Works Service can assist you in your projects, from creation to realization.

For the management of properties, we provide regular technical maintenance.

We can represent you, liaise with companies, obtain quotes, analyze and compare prices, order and ensure follow-up.

For further information, please contact, Works Service : travaux@praemium.ch